Meet Chiddy

Women’s Empowerment Advocate

As an Attorney, Global Leader and Women’s Empowerment Advocate, Chiddy successfully provides personal coaching and group training to women, organizations, leadership institutes and conferences resulting in long term career and personal successes. She uses love and grace to empower women through educational and mentoring programs to unleash their full potential.

Chiddy holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and International Affairs from the University of Maryland Baltimore County, and a Doctorate Law degree from the University of Cincinnati College of Law where she was a College of Law and Daniel Westerbeck scholarship recipient. She has certifications in Project Management from New York University and Women’s Leadership from Cornell University. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Public Administration from Columbia University.


As a highly sought after Motivational Speaker & Thought Leader Chiddy has an unwavering commitment to using her voice as a change agent to ensure positive change for women both domestically and internationally. Her charismatic and strong public speaking skills in delivering life changing messages on a variety of global issues often leaves her audience with a positive impact and long term solutions to issues.

“A woman with a voice is by definition,
a strong woman”


Fashion Enthusiast

Chiddy loves fashion and views it is an empowerment tool. She believes that appearance is a key element to boosting one’s confidence, talents and performance in all areas. She uses her love for fashion to teach women how to put their best foot forward, dress for success, and unleash the full potential in their professional and social lives.