How to Wear Ankara Romper Shorts in the Summer


What I’m wearing:

Designer iconolabranded:
Slippers: Aldo
Bag: Lauren by Ralph Lauren
Earrings: Aldo
Bracelet: Lois Akari Jewelry & Accessories

Other designers with African prints I love: ThekemistGrass-fieldsIron of Ashi


Anyone who knows me well knows my love for fashion, dating back to my childhood. As early as I could remember, I’d go to my mum’s closet to tie her scarf and put on her makeup, often on the wrong parts of my face, with foundation in my ears and lipstick on my cheeks:) But no one could tell me otherwise. In my mind, I was doing my thing! LOL. This passion stayed with me and blossomed throughout the years as I grew into a young woman, discovering and defining my style along the way.


During my last trip to Nigeria, in December 2017, I decided to shop more African Designers because their designs are beautiful, to promote Trade in Africa and Invest in the African Economy.  I was so thrilled to find several African Designers doing their damn thing, especially women!


Romper Shorts are usually worn during the summer weather because it’s stylish, fashionable, suitable for the heat and leaves you feeling super sexy and confident. Romper Shorts also very flattering on the female body if your summer body is still loading ☺. Romper Shorts can be paired with high heeled pumps/wedges for a night out in town, or flat sandals for a casual evening. I’d caution against wearing them if you’re going to places where you’re not guaranteed easy access to the bathroom, as they can require some task in undressing. What I love most about Ankara is the rich and vibrant pop of colors! They are an effortless fashion statement! Whether you’re a “fashionista” girl or a “less is more” kinda girl, you’d always find accessories in your closet to match African Ankara.


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