Chic Wear

Classic and Chic Wear to Work


What I’m wearing:

Skirt: Zara High Waist Midi Pencil Skirt
Top: Ann Taylor Long sleeve button up blouse
Earrings: Charming Charlie
Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Bag: Vera Pelle


White and Grey are some classic colors we all need in our wardrobes. For one, they are timeless and chic. I should have been born in the 1950’s because Pencil Skirts are one of my favorite fashion staples. Pencil Skirts are also stylish, vintage, empowering, and speak volumes about one’s fashion sense. They are functional for the work day and fun for after work. Pencil Skirts date back to 1954, thanks to Christian Dior who introduced them during his 1954 Autumn Winter collection. They were often worn as a sign of status, prestige, modesty and beauty. Women were drawn to this attire because it accentuated their waistline and made them feel more feminine and empowered.


Pencil Skirts are best paired with pumps or high heeled sandals because they impact your movement and posture.  Because they are narrower and more fitted, you have to walk in a more lady-like fashion when wearing them. Pencil Skirts can be worn in all seasons. In the winter, you can pair them with flee stockings. In the fall, you can pair them with sheer stockings. In the spring and summer, you ditch the stockings!


Pencil Skirts are a great fit for curvy women, because they make enough room for the curves while giving you space to move around. They can be paired with almost any kind of blouse or shirt. However great attention must be paid to the fabric style of the top. It’s usually best to match a busy pencil skirt such as this pleated prints with a simple top that isn’t so busy. Pencil Skirts can also be worn with a suit jacket for a more formal look.


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