Kimono: A Summer Must Have to Chic-Up Your Wardrobe

Kimono:  Fashion Nova

Shorts: Forever 21
Shoes: Fashion Nova
Bag: Ralph Lauren 

Kimono, translated to mean ‘garment’ is a Japanese attire which came into existence from Japanese culture.  It is widely known for its straight seams, “T” shape, intense decorative detail, one-size fits all, and flared movement. Although Kimonos have been in existence since the late eighth century, it wasn’t until the late sixteenth century that the fashion industry began giving it recognition as a staple fashion piece.


In Japan, Kimonos were worn to ceremonial festivities and events such as weddings, coming of age, engagements, birthday parties, graduations to celebrate culture and tradition. As fashion trends with historic backgrounds continue to become mainstream, it is imperative that cultural awareness and appreciation be given when and where due. In today’s twenty-first century, as fashion continues to evolve, so also has the social pattern and role of Kimonos. In Japan and all over the world, Kimonos have been reinvented to a fashion must have for women of all ages and sizes.


Styling Kimonos

Kimonos come in both floral and plain patterns. They can be styled in several different ways and range from super colorful and elaborate, to relatively plain and subtle. Perhaps the best aspect of Kimonos is that they are both versatile and inexpensive.


Whether you are going for a more chic and feminine look with shorts/jeans, tee-shirt, heeled sandals/pumps or a casual summer day out with jeans, tee-shirt, flat sandals or sneakers, a kimono fits right into your style. Kimonos are also very popularly worn as swim wear cover-ups for all women shapes and sizes. What’s even more exciting is that it can bring a dull outfit to life and shake things up.


Five Reasons Why Kimono Is Life

  • Kimonos hide your food and body sins
  • Kimonos channel your artsy and free spirit
  • Kimonos are for every woman shape size and fashion style
  • Kimonos are gifts that keeps on giving because you can wear them in different ways with different outfits
  • Kimonos are budget friendly so that you don’t have to break the bank to own them in different colors and patterns











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