Life Lessons from the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin: A Rose is Still a Rose

Aretha Franklin…The powerful women with the powerful voice, the timeless Queen who used her passion of singing to empower all, young and old, men and women. For many, Aretha was just another artist who rose to fame. For me, she was an icon of strength, hope, passion, purpose, resilience, badass, fearless, timeless talent who stayed relevant until the end, but most of all, a women who embodied the true meaning of self-love

Cause a rose is still a rose
Baby, girl, you’re still a flower
He can’t lead you and then take you
Make you and then break you
Darlin’, you hold the power

Let your life be in the sunshine
Not the darkness of your sorrow
You may see your all today
When you know it’ll come tomorrow

Tough to be, but life ain’t over
Just because your man is gone
Girl, love yourself and love to love
Cause without him your life goes on
Without him your life goes on

By the 90s, Aretha, still dealing with the chaos of ending her first marriage became the first woman to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. That same year, she received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. .

Here’s the thing, like everybody, Aretha’s life wasn’t without trials, obstacles, setbacks, pain and challenges. But she chose to channel her pain and use it for purpose of the greater good.

A rose is still a rose is about a woman that’s been through difficult times, but understands that she is in complete control. It’s a reminder that happiness is always within reach, and that only you holds the key to your happiness. Most of all, she shows us how to handle pain with grace and rise stronger and better.






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